Professional cameraman (age 40) filming footage with video camera with attached microphone. Real people. Copy space .Isolated on white background.
Professional cameraman (age 40) filming Video Footage with video camera with attached microphone. Real people. Copy space .Isolated on white background.

Stock video footage requires talent, vision and planning however using the right equipment for the shoot it’s not less important. In fact when you do it right you can create for yourself a consistent passive income from selling stock footage.

Stock Video Use

More and more brands use stock footage in their campaigns so there is a high demand for video clips. In the last few years video editors need complementary shots for films and video projects. So now many freelance filmmakers can sell their footage to video editors or brands and have a substantial passive revenue. However if you want your video to sell, it requires shooting a high-quality video footage. Then edit the footage and to place your video clips in the highest paying sites in the stock footage industry.

Stock Video Specialty

The chances your footage will look and sell better is what you are passionate about. So whether it’s travel, wildlife, outdoors recreation, sports or people lifestyle use your camera and film it. You will have fun and more importantly, it will reflect in the detail, accuracy and quality of your stock footage.

Stock Video Filming Style

When filming stock try interesting point of view such as low, high camera angles and POV (personal point of view). Try to avoid static shots as they most likely won’t sell. You can use dolly movements, handheld or stabilized movements with stabilizer device with your camera. When it comes to shoot aerials footage with drones try using different motions with zoom in or zoom out movement.

My favorite video stock agency sites for contributors is Pond 5 however in the second place is Shuterstock.

For example you are welcome to view my stock video portfolio on the following links :
A. Shutterstock
B. Pond5
C. iStock
D. Adobe Stock

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