Best Microstock Sites for Stock Photography Contributors

If you love taking photos, video and/or illustrations, Microstock can be a great way to earn more money. For many photographers, it means a little bit of extra money on the side of their current photography business. But for others, like me, they have made a career out of it – it is possible!.

A dedicated, ambitious and skilled photographer whether they are professional or ametur who are willing to learn a lot on the way can build up an image portfolio that can generate great royalties over a short period of time.  The payoff can be awesome!

The amount you receive per photo or percentage you receive may not sound like much, but with multiple downloads a day per image, it can add up quick.

The stock photography industry changes all the time. When I first started out 10 years ago, there were just a handful of established stock image banks out there, some of them are still my top earners while some of them have come and gone.

Below are the top Microstock companies for 2020 that I recommend you to try to submit your work to. I am members with all of them so can recommend based on my personal experience and how they are currently performing for me.

Remember though, how an agency can perform for you can be to do with many different aspects but one of the most important is your own personal style and the subjects you choose to shoot, so try a few agencies to find the ones that relate to you and review how they perform over time.

Also, each agency has its own pros and cons – some sell well but are hard to submit to, while others sell less but for a higher price.

Microstock Agencies that Sell Your Photos:

Shutterstock – Still the best microstock site in terms of earnings for most contributors, although the change in its payout rates in 2020 have lowered some contributors earnings by 30-50 percent. Earnings are tiered and leveled at the beginning of the year.

Dreamstime – A tiered system that rewards popular images with more commissions. Dreamstime has given 10 percent more to photographers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Depositphotos – Photos and vector focused. Good increasing sales and earnings. This agency could be one to keep and eye on.

Adobe Stock – The new player in the microstock game. A promising agency to one day be the best earners for photographers. Have recently added illustrative editorial stock photography

123rf logo

123RF – Consistently good earner with good acceptance rates. Accepts video footage and photos

Alamy – UK based, it is a favorite with photographers due to their fair commissions and is well established. Not good for video sales.

Pond5 – Got to be one of the best site for selling video footage clips, audio. Photos and vectors also sell quite well. You have the option to set your own price and the commission is quite generous.

CanStockPhoto – Has some great alternative images from the normal “stocky” images the rest sells. Have been tough with accepting new images lately.

BigStock – Bought by Shutterstock, they have a slightly different client base. Uploading can be tiresome as each image needs to be categorised, sales low.

iStock – Lowest contributor royalties in the industry, along with Shutterstock, but high sales make iStock a good earner

Getty Images – Exclusive only, Getty Images is well known brand that only accepts a few photographers which it chooses.

The microstock photography sites list will be updated as new agency’s come along and I have some experience with them. Hope this microstock photography website list has been helpful. Have a look here for more tips on submitting stock photos to microstock agencies.

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