5 tips on how to take amazing travel destination photos

Tip one: Research

Once you have decided when and where is your next desired travel destination

Hand holding a compass with Australia on a globe

start your research by searching the stock agency’s collection that you associate with to see what they have. Find out what types of images and locations are popular at your desired travel destination and where are the content gaps in your agency’s collection.

Tip two: Preparation

Break your travel destination itinerary

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down by day, location, and sites you plan to visit. Create a list of specific scene that you want to capture at each location. Include a selected photo thumbnails and sketch in a carry on visual diary.

Try to plan on visiting some locations in different times of the day when the light is the most flattering for that location according to the local sun path.

Tip three: Shoot Wide, Medium and Close-Up

Shoot wide, medium, and close-up photos of your destination. Wide or long shots are great establishing shots.

Panoramic landscape view of Muri lagoon at sunrise in Rarotonga

Avoid shooting logos or modern artwork which requires a property release signed by the creator of the piece of art and if your photos including recognizable people ask them to sign a model releases. Also zoom in and focus with macro lens on little details and interesting textures, such as food or architectural elements.

Tip five: Shoot different and unusual angles

Get creative and take the time to experiment, walk around and get a feel for your subject place. Photography clients are always interested to see a famous landmarks or location photographed in a new way.

Blurry taxi new york

Tip six: Tell a Story

Do not just take random photographs of a location, think about the people and the place that you see unfolding before you and try to pass the feeling of them through your images and to your potential clients.

On Location Travel Photographer

Photos with concepts and ideas are much more compelling than those that don’t and they are the one that will sell, cover your trip expenses and gives you a steady income for years to come.

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